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The Israel Philatelic Federation (IPF) is a non-profit organization that promotes philately in Israel. IPF works closely with the Israel Philatelic Service and is supported by the Israel Postal Company.

Visit our English website and enjoy free on-line catalogues of Holy Land Philately and philatelic publications in English. Our Hebrew website contains additional publications in Hebrew and historical postal rates of Israel.


The Society of Israel Philatelist (SIP) is an organization that promotes Holy Land philately, through a quarterly publication, on-line research library, educational bookstore and more. Visit our website, learn more about the SIP and become a member

About the sponsor
Heinrich Köhler

Heinrich Koehler, together with its four sister companies on three continents, constitutes a worldwide network of stamp auctions of long-standing tradition, the “Global Philatelic Network”. All the companies come under the holding company Koehler & Corinphila Holding GmbH, with its headquarters in Wiesbaden.

The group of stamp auction houses known as the Global Philatelic Network is globally active and well-known worldwide in philately with its companies of long-established tradition. The Wiesbaden-based stamp auction house of Heinrich Koehler is the oldest stamp auction house in Germany and was founded as long ago as 1913. Corinphila Auctions of Zurich is the oldest stamp auction house in Switzerland, founded in 1921, and has held stamp auctions since 1925. John Bull Auctions is the oldest stamp auction company in Hong Kong. H.R. Harmers was founded in 1940 in the U.S.A. and has auctioned the collection of the American President Franklin D. Roosevelt among others. The annual auction turnover of all the companies is between 25 and 30 million euros.

Virtually all the companies have for many years been ranked among the leading companies in their respective home countries. As a group in an increasingly globalized market it is one of the three leading auction groups for the marketing of high-value collectors’ stamps and is well prepared for the future.

About the sponsor
House of Zion

The House of Zion was formed in 1967 when Ed Rosen, an avid Israel stamp collector, realized there were very few dealers specializing in Israel, Judaica and Holy Land stamps and covers. Originally setup to attend local shows in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ed realized quickly, there was a huge need for mail auctions and want lists. Their first auction was held in 1972, with just over 150 lots. Today, House of Zion, has probably the largest stock of Holy Land, Palestine, WWI, 1948 Interim/Locals, Doar Ivri, Israel, Judaica, Anti-semitic, and Synagogue Postcards in the world.

In the over 40 years in business, the House of Zion has auctioned off some of the largest philatelic holdings in the field. The House of Zion has over 2,000 customers scattered across the world. Auctions are held twice a year, with a printed and fully illustrated catalogue and “Net Price Sales” once a year. Customers can bid by maill, fax, phone or electronically.

About the sponsor
Champion Stamp Company

In September, 1992, Champion Stamp Company Inc. opened its doors and became NYC’s only street level retail stamp store. Since then, we have become NYC’s premier shop for stamp and banknote collectors.

In our shop, we maintain a

  •  Worldwide mint & used stock
  •  A Very Comprehensive United States early and modern stock of mint & used stamps
  •  Hundreds of books dedicated to Various Topicals
  •  Thousands of Worldwide and United States Philatelic Covers
  •  Hundreds of Country Collections and Lots
  •  Mystery Boxes, Stamps sold by the Pound
  •  Worldwide Stamp Proofs and Specimens
  •  Stamps for Special Occasions Available
  •  Philatelic Supplies
  •  Worldwide Specimen & Issued Banknotes
  •  ABNco Archives plus, De La Rue Archives
  •  Vignettes, Stocks & Bonds, Travelers Checks and many Rare and Unique Items!

FREE APPRAISALS ….. Call (212) 489-8130 to make an appointment with our buyer.

Whether you are an advanced collector, a beginner, or a dealer, we are sure that Champion Stamp Co. has something for you.

In store visits by Appointment only – Call ahead to make an Appointment.
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