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Ottoman period

Shaula Alexander

Turkish Post in the Holy Land 1841 - 1918

Les Glassman

Pre-Philatelic Postal History of Jerusalem

Michael Bass

Foreign Postal Operations in the Holy Land 1852 - 1914

Hadi Orr

Hotels in Palestine during the Ottoman Period

Robert Pildes

Forerunners of the Holyland - Turkish administration

Itamar Karpovsky

Foreign Post Offices in Palestine 1852-1914

Itamar Karpovsky

Turkish Post in Palestine 1851-1918

British Mandate

Rainer Fuchs

Overland mail Baghdad - Haifa 1923-1948

Joel Slutzki

Palestine - Rates & Routes June 1927-1948

Donald Chafetz

Printed matter 2nd UPU period - May 15 1948

Christian Daniel Abravanel

1938 - 1945 civilian postal letters to and from Palestine

State of Israel

Robert Pildes

Palestine Emergency Deliveries Inc

Baruch Weiner

Israeli POW Mail from 1948-49

Michael Gross

1948-1949 Doar Ivri - The creation and the Different Paintings

Genady Berman

Taxi Post Labels of Israel

Jean Paul Danon

The first booklets of Israel

Daniel Weisberg

On the wrong track - a study of the 3rd Maccabiah stamp


Howard Chapman

JNF stamps

Paulo Duek

A tour in Jerusalem

Lawrence Fisher

The Jewish Homeland

Yosuke Naito

Postal History of Auschwitz 1939-1945