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sunday, april 2nd

Ed Kroft

EEF First Interim Period

This presentation deals with some of the rarest postal history in Holy Land philately. It shows civilian free mail sent between mid-November 1917 and mid February 1918...

Joel Slutzki

Palestine – Rates & Routes 1927 – 1948

The first two pictorials stamps were issued on July 1st, 1927. 12 additional values were issued on August 14th, 1927, and the three “high values” on January 15th, 1942...

sunday, april 9th

Prof. Shalom Sabar

The story of the early Jewish postcards

The invention of the postcard had a dramatic impact on the way people communicated by mail and transmitted messages, first in written and then in pictorial form...

Lawrence Fisher

Postcards tell us a story: The Jewish stereotype

Antisemitism did not start with the Nazis, it is probably the oldest hatred. As philatelists we love to dive into a subject as deeply as possible. However there is an interesting aspect...

sunday, april 16th

Michael Bass

Folded Letters from the Holy Land 1350-1852

Postal history of the Holy Land's pre-philatelic period 1350-1852 describing Venetian, Ecclesiastical, Diplomatic, Contract and other historical matters through the folded letters of the period.

Moshe Rimer

Turkish delight: The events on the Turkish front of WWI, as reflected in philately

The First World War was a traumatic period in the history of Eretz Israel. During the war all aspects of life of the residents of the land were affected, including the field of postal history. In this lecture we will review postal items that...

sunday, april 23th

Joel Weiner

Postmarks of Jerusalem During the British Mandate

This presentation will discuss the cancels and other markings used by the British Post Office in Jerusalem from 1917 to 1948. This will include cancels used at the Head GPO and the sub-offices beginning with the Army Post Office SZ44,

Zvi Itelson

The overprints of the British civil administration in Palestine 1920-1922

The presentation will be devoted to the different overprints (Jerusalem 1-3, London 1-2) on the typograph stamps issued in British Palestine from 1920 to 1922. Emphasis will be given to the Jerusalem 1 issue and to the different varieties.

sunday, april 30th

Yacov Tsachor

Rare and Unusual Taxed Items 1948-9

The presentation includes some extremely rare or highly unusual taxed items from Israel in the years 1948 to 1949, with various ways in which the postage due tax was collected.

Ed Kroft.

A Primer for Understanding Israel Postal Rates 1948-1953

Learn about postal history and the calculation of Postal rates. You may need them for your collections or exhibits. Ed Kroft will review domestic and foreign rates between 1948 and 1953 with many interesting and colorful examples.